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flexitarians welcome





noun: flexitarian; plural noun: flexitarians

  1. a person who eats regularly at Vegan City but occasionally eats meat or fish.

  2. a person who limits their cholesterol intake for the betterment of health.

  3. a person who is concerned about climate change, water scarcity, over fishing and the general health of our planet.

"I'm a Flexitarian because even though I love poke' I'd like my grandkids to have some fish to eat, too."




Vegan City is for those of us who struggle to go from plate lunch to sprout salad.  We make plant based comfort food that is convenient, healthful and most of all, delicious.


I wasn't always plant based myself (far from it, actually).  When I met my wife she encouraged me to eat less meat.  After a while, I realized it wasn't really the meat I missed, it was just the flavors of the dishes I longed for.  So, I figured out how to cook all my favorites (hamburger steak, curry katsu, etc.) without animal products.  I felt strong and lighter and my cholesterol and blood pressure levels were the best they had been since I was in my 20s.


However, eating plant based all the time was really hard.  There was the emotional and mental attachment I had to meat (both wanting it and thinking I needed it for protein) and there was the inconvenience of having to cook almost everything myself. 

At Vegan City, we make better fast food, making it easier to eat healthier on the go (when we tend to eat at our worst).  Whether you're 100% Vegan, or a Flexitarian, we know every bit helps - both for you and our planet.

Plant based food is free of cholesterol and that's good for your heart.  Recent studies also show cancer cells thrive on animal protein, and may even starve without it.  We also use organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  Organic food grown close to home maintains its nutritional content and supporting our neighbors is what we're all about!

Last but certainly not least, eating a plant based diet is the single biggest thing we can do to limit our burden on our 'aina a me kai.  Animals require a lot of food and water to grow and they produce a tremendous amount of waste along the way.  By eating plants, we cut out the 'middle men' in the food chain and go straight to the nutritional source.  We save LOTS of water (1,800 gallons per pound of beef) and don't have to worry about what to do with all that waste!  Over fishing also deteriorates the health of our reefs and oceans and by eating less fish, we preserve a delicious resource for future generations.

Our hope is that by preparing familiar dishes in a more nutritious way, we can ease the transition to healthier living while lessening our collective impact on the Earth.  Eat something good for you AND our Planet!

 Mahalo for your support!

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